ArCarb-HPS: the ultimate ceramic composite for High Precision Structures

Over the years, the need for new solutions to complex challenges of high precision applications has become more and more prominent across a variety of industries due to the rapid pace of new technologies emerging in numerous fields.

In order to serve these technology advances, the size of semi-conductors is constantly reducing as they become smaller and more efficient. As a result, the standards for components of higher quality and purity for semi-conductor production are increasing.  Similarly, medical technology is also a rapidly evolving field where particularly complex and detailed procedures are employed and thus unquestionable precision is required in medical procedures. Increasingly sophisticated and precise processes are being employed in the area of analytics and diagnostics as well, which demand total accuracy and consistency. In such systems, a slight abnormality or malfunction can lead to unreliable examination results as thermal management, no detectable outgassing and size of a component are key factors. Therefore, materials that effectively cope with heat and prevent contamination of surfaces, are essential.

Arceon’s material ArCarb-HPS is a result of solid material know-how combined with fiber architecture and design expertise and features near zero co-efficient of thermal expansion along with substantial weight reduction and no detectable outgassing. Its unique set of characteristics allow us to provide robust and unique solutions. It is proven to be valuable when used in processes such as: Lithography, Laser, Calibration, Opto-mechanical, Medical and Analysing equipment where precision and reliability are vital while at the same time it offers wear resistance, security, and peace of mind.

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Currently, ArCarb-HPS is amongst the material variants to be implemented on International Space Station (ISS) as a part of the European Space Agency (ESA) and French Space Agency’s (CNES) “Euro material Ageing” project. The project aims to study the ageing of ArCarb-HPS in Low Earth Orbit environment on Europe’s newest Bartolomeo platform.

Arceon is the ideal partner in developing materials for the highest quality components with the appropriate characteristics, according to each industrial requirement.


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