Internship: High-Temperature Composites FEA Trainee

Are you a Mechanical or Aerospace engineering student who wants to join us to set up the material model for finite element analysis and testing of the next generation of Ceramic Matrix composite material for ultra-high temperature applications? 

Who are we?

At Arceon, we are developing cutting edge composite materials and structures which exhibit unique properties such as thermal stability from cryogenic to ultra-high temperatures, extremely low thermal expansion, lightweight, corrosion resistance, high specific strength, and no detectable particle release.

Arceon is working with partners such as TNO, Senior Aerospace Bosman, NLR, DLR, TU Delft, Pangea Aerospace, Eurekite, ESA, T-Minus, Agnikul, and Astrogate Labs to implement the ArCMC material in different market segments.

What will you focus on?

The internship assignment will focus on setting up a material model for this material and validating the results using the test results available at Arceon. The focus of this internship will be on the mechanical and thermo-mechanical analysis of the CMC material. You will be creating 3D models using CAD tools (such as SolidWorks), performing FEA analysis using Abaqus.  The duration of this internship assignment will be 4-5 months and starting date will be August 1st, 2021.

Your tasks and responsibilities

You will support our FEA analysis and materials experts and work under their supervision and perform the following tasks:

  • Literature Study about material models available for CMCs.
  • Literature study about implementing these material models in Abaqus.
  • Set up a project plan and work package for your internship together with your supervisors.
  • Use Classical Laminate theory to define the material characteristics.
  • Material characterisation of CMCs for the FEA solver.
  • Prepare CAD models for the FEA analysis using Solidworks.
  • Perform FEM analysis using the load cases, boundary conditions, and material characteristics defined previously to simulate the thermal and structural response of the material samples.
  • Validate the results using the existing test results.
  • Setup a material model library tool to use for future complex shapes and designs.
  • Document the findings of the internship in a report.

You are

  • A Master’s student in Aerospace/Mechanical or Materials
  • A self-starter and willing to work in a dynamic start-up environment.
  • Interested in composite materials and the design and analysis of complex structures.
  • Interested in FEA (thermo-mechanical) analysis of composites.
  • Basic knowledge of classical laminate theory.
  • Interested in programming models using either Python or Fortran.
  • Willing to work in the workshop for prototyping and testing.
  • Passionate about the aerospace and composites industry.

What we offer

Arceon offers a dynamic entrepreneurial-driven work environment and flexible working hours. The active work culture and supervision provides all the necessary support to further expand your career in the aerospace and manufacturing industry.

At the end of the internship, the student will have sound knowledge of the novel CMC material as well as the design and analysis of composite structures. The candidate will have developed specific skills and hands-on experience working with composite materials.

Interested? Please contact us at

NOTE: The nature of the work is confidential and should not be published without Arceon’s permission.


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