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ArCarb-UHT: the ultra-high temperature stable material

Our advanced ceramic composite ArCarb-UHT can provide an incredible advantage for almost every high-temperature application regardless of the harsh conditions they operate in, as it can be tailored depending on the system’s requirements.

Ultra-high temperature endurance and custom-made thermal conductivity ensure optimum efficiency of applications that must respond to challenging environments such as long term-exposure in temperature up to 2,000 C (non-oxidizing environment). The million-dollar question that how can a material withstand such ultra-high temperatures? The answer lies in the elements and its proportion inside the material. Carbon (C), silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC) in its pure form have high melting point but each element has its pros and cons. Hence, it is extremely important to have the right balance in the end- product. Arceon implements its expertise in striking the right balance between C,Si and SiC as per project requirements. Thus, resulting in a high performance ArCarb-UHT material. Among the material’s properties is also that it is three times lighter than superalloys and almost 25% lighter than aluminum. This indicates its suitability for customized weight-optimized add-ons and accessories along with robust and specially manufactured components. Hence, this novel composite offers ease of handling and transportation of hot components and reduces overall weight of the structure. Furthermore, complex geometries can be achieved by state of the art joining and manufacturing techniques, which expands the wide spectrum of ArCarb-UHT’s potential applications. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Charging structures for metal thermal treatment
  • Handling device for discharging metal from hardening furnaces
  • Reusable rocket nozzle
  • Thermal Protection Systems
  • Hot gas liners
  • Kiln furniture

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We are implementing the unique capabilities of ArCarb-UHT in the T-prime project, where weight reduction and overall efficiency of a rocket nozzle is achieved while the material withstands extraordinary thermal and pressure loads. You can read more here:

ArCarb is undeniably an exceptional material that can reveals new possibilities and enables innovation in so many scientific and industrial fields.

(photo credits: T-minus, from our project T-prime)


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