Ultra-High Temperature Stable

ArCarb-UHT focuses on thermally stable components. Along with ultra-high temperature resistance, ArCarb-UHT also offers tailored thermal conductivity based on the system requirements. ArCarb-UHT components enhance the system by pushing the thermal boundaries and achieving the optimum efficiency. ArCarb is 3 times lighter than superalloys and can withstand temperatures higher than superalloys (non-oxidising environment). Thus, making it an attractive prospect in ultra-high temperature domain.

Material properties

Property Density Operating Temperature Young’s Modulus Thermal Conductivity Open Porosity
Units g/cm3 oC GPa W/mK %
Value 1.9-2.1 -35 to > 2000(2) 70-250 17-150 1-2
(2) non-oxidising environment
NOTE: The properties can be tailored based on project requirements

Material properties

Property Units Value
Density g/cm3 1.9-2.1
Operating Temperature oC -35 to > 2000(2)
Young’s Modulus GPa 70-250
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 17-150
Open Porosity % 1-2
(3) 100 °C to 1400 °C (in plane)
NOTE: The properties can be tailored based on project requirements


  • Maximum temperature:
    • Oxidising environment is 450⁰C (long-term exposure)
    • Non-oxidising environment is >2000⁰C (long-term exposure)
  • The thermal conductivity can be tailored (17-150 W/mK)based on component requirements
  • Lightweight structures due to a density of 1.9 g/cm3 allows ease of handling, transfer of hot components and reduces overall weight of the system

Application Domain

  • Charging structures for metal thermal treatment
  • Handling device for discharging metal from hardening furnaces
  • Reusable rocket nozzle
  • Thermal Protection Systems
  • Hot gas liners
  • Kiln furniture

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