Arceon and T-minus work together to develop a new lightweight and ultra-high temperature resistant rocket nozzle.

In this ground-breaking R&D project, ARCEON and T-Minus collaborate to develop a lightweight and thermally stable hypersonic rocket nozzle.

The two companies will jointly carry out the development of a lightweight reusable nozzle, resulting in the most advanced launching technology possible. ARCEON will carry out the research and development of the production method of a novel material that involves a combination of theoretical research, simulations, production and testing of prototypes, bringing its expertise in the field of ceramic composites which combine properties such as low weight as well as ultra- high temperature and corrosion resistance.

ARCEON’s approach is to develop scientifically researched materials into a market product so that it can be used to make a positive contribution in terms of technological progress and sustainability. The development of the particular material to be used in the T-prime project contributes directly to this goal, as it has extraordinary properties which can benefit various sectors such as space, aviation, energy and power.

In this project, ARCEON will demonstrate the capabilities of its ArCarb-UHT ceramic composite by significantly reducing the nozzle weight and sustaining the hypersonic pressure and thermal loads. A graphite nozzle is replaced with a relatively thin wall thickness ArCarb-UHT material. The weight reduction at the tail of the rocket directly impacts the overall efficiency of the rocket. ArCarb-UHT nozzle not only has to withstand the thermal and pressure loads but also need to resist the abrasion caused by the propellant particles. This project truly defines the character and quality of the material in harsh environments.

The T-Prime rocket and the innovative Arceon material are both developed, produced in Zuid-Holland, thus contributing directly to improving the economic competitiveness of the Netherlands by increasing investment in scientific research in addition to promoting innovation and sustainability on a global scale. Arceon would like to thank Province of Zuid Holland for their support.


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