Providing long-term wear resistant solutions with ArCarb-LWR

Nothing can put a brake on the accelerating technology progress. As a result, numerous applications are becoming increasingly demanding for long-lasting rigor, efficiency and ease of use. These needs require materials that can withstand rough conditions and wear without any compromise on functional reliability and consistency.

Low specific wear and high temperature resistance are the main properties of Arceon’s ArCarb-LWR which render it a tough, durable, reliable material that can excel in even the most demanding industrial applications.

Imagine your hand moving on a table. As the movement speeds up, your hand becomes warmer. This principle applies to braking or sliding applications. Thus, thermal management is an important part of high-performance components. Since ArCarb-LWR inherits its characteristics from ArCarb-UHT along with variable thermal conductivity (17-150 W/mK), it results in a thermally stable and extremely low specific wear material.

So how is ArCarb-LWR different from ArCarb-UHT? The co-efficient of friction (COF) required for a braking application is different from that of a sliding application. For example, brakes applied in a wind turbine will have a higher COF compared to a trans rapid or hyperloop system. Arceon implements its expertise in surface technology to adapt the COF as per the application. Thus, ensuring optimum performance and long-lasting components. The 2 cherries on top of the cakes would be ArCarb-LWR’s low specific density and corrosion resistance which facilitates control over fast moving or accelerated functions of a system and protection against sea & chemically harsh environment respectively.

ArCarb-LWR is the perfect solution for heavy duty applications and refers to virtually any use that requires long-term wear and abrasion resistant components, such as:

  • Bearings,
  • Sliders for high-speed trains
  • Sealing rings
  • Brake discs/pads for automobiles, motors, wind turbines,
  • High performance elevators

Arceon employs this amazing material in the SPEAR project where we are developing high performance self-lubricating bearings which complement the co-efficient of thermal expansion of their metal partner, resulting in improved tribology capacity and longer life cycles. These enhanced bearings are intended for use in a wide range of industries such as aviation and machinery equipment, while the potential future applications of ArCarb-LWR are countless.

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