High Temperature Resistant Composite (HTRC)

Innovating Novel Materials & Structures

Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation


Our Features


A material which is lighter than Metal Alloys

High Temperature Resistant

A composite which can withstand temperatures above 1000° C

Low Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion

Extremely low CTE ensures stability during temperature differences

High Specific Strength and Fatigue Cycles

Our innovation enhances the mechanical and fatigue strength of the structure

HTRC Reliability Data

Validation through Analytical, Experimental & Computational Analysis



HTRCs can be used for re-entry vehicles, reusable rockets and aircraft engine parts. HTRCs provide an efficient and lightweight alternative to the existing solution. We design, optimize and manufacture HTRC aerostructures for optimum performance.


State-of-the-art and advanced structural solution for satellites platforms. A novel composite structure which assures temperature stability to the payload, lighter than metal alloys and high stress resistant.


We collaborate with universities, knowledge institutes, public and private companies to boost our R&D. We not only focus on HTRCs but also other novel materials and structures.


We offer experimental, computational and analytical solution for your structural challenge.


“The exploration and use of outer space should be carried on for the benefit of all people irrespective of the degree of their economic or scientific development.” – Outer Space Treaty, 1967.

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